I would like to extend a warm and gracious welcome to you, viewer of Cooking Through Crazy! It is because of you that I even have a reason to be writing this blog, and I hope you continue to visit on a regular basis as I post recipes and inspiration from my kitchen. One question you probably already have in perusing the content of this site is:

What the heck is culinatherapy?

In all honesty, you will not find this term in any dictionary. This is because I made it up. However, that does not make its meaning any less real. The idea for this blog and for the word “culinatherapy” came just a few days after I made the move from my hometown of Denver, Colorado to the wild and crazy sports-obsessed city of Chicago, Illinois. As I, along with my boyfriend, made the transition, navigating congested roadways, buying and assembling seemingly endless pieces of furniture, and organizing all the (mostly useless) personal items we had brought with us, I found that I was growing increasingly irritable, restless, and frustrated. In general, I am an anxious person, and the stressful process of moving did not help my nerves. Needless to say, I required a healthy outlet.

So, I turned to cooking. I have always enjoyed cooking (especially baking), but it was previously more of an activity that I chose to do “if I had time,” which, of course, was rarely ever. But, upon moving and realizing that, for the most part, I could no longer rely on anyone by myself to prepare meals for my household (my boyfriend is not much of a cook), I of course began cooking on a daily basis. As it turned out, the process was extremely enjoyable to me; even therapeutic, if you will. I found that I came to look forward to the time I set aside for planning meals, searching for coupons for weekly grocery shopping trips, and preparing and assembling tasty dishes. Of course, the compliments I received during mealtimes were helpful, as well.

Taking my newfound zest for culinatherapy a step farther, I decided to start Cooking Through Crazy in order to incorporate my love for writing/blogging and passion for teaching, all in one neat package. I hope to post regularly with nutritious recipes and pictures, useful tips and tricks for the kitchen, grocery deals that I’ve encountered, and general inspiration about the art and therapeutic nature of cooking. I look forward to any and all feedback from my readers, and I hope that I can inspire each and every one of you in some small way. Thanks for stopping by!


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