Advice to cooking newbies

Having mentioned in my last post that Nick recently decided to (gasp!) cook one of his first-ever meals, I wanted to give some advice to any readers who might be relatively new to the kitchen. But sometimes I feel I am slightly under qualified to give anyone expert advice on subject. I, after all, received no formal training other than spending hours and hours in the kitchen with my mother. Instead of always rambling on from my own limited experience, I would rather pass on advice from someone who actually studied the art of cooking, and who lived, breathed, and ate (literally) their work. So, again, I look to my good friend (I wish) Julia Child for my cooking quote of the day:

‎”This is my advice to people: Learn how to cook, try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun”  –Julia Child

Frequently, we (myself included) forget that cooking should be about having fun. Recipes are simply a road map for your own personal culinary adventures; you choose the path you want to take. One should always be able to get something more out of cooking than just nourishment. For me, it is how I (at least try to) escape the chaos of life around me, my to-do lists and my anxieties.  For you, it can be whatever you’d like. Cooking is yours. Do with it what you will, just don’t ever be afraid to try it.


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