Why “Namas-tasty”?

In reading this blog you have more than likely come across this phrase that I like to use in closing each of my posts… so what, exactly, does “Namas-tasty” mean, you might ask? In conjunction with my post a few days ago about cooking as a holistic experience, I thought now might be a good time to explain the inspiration behind “Namas-tasty.”
“Namaste” is an ancient Sanskrit word that is still used today as a greeting on the trail in the Nepal Himalaya in India. Rough translated, it means  “The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you.” This phrase is commonly initiated by the teacher after yoga practice because the mind of the student is more at ease and at the energy in the room is at peace. In using “Namaste,” the teacher expresses gratitude and respect toward her student and to those teachers who also guided her. It allows the two individuals to come together in a common energy, and, if done with commitment and with the mind surrendered, it is believed that a deep bond between spirits can form.
If cooking is to have any sort of positive effect on the mind, I believe we must surrender ourselves to the process completely in that moment, as is common practice in yoga. In doing so, we not only become more aware of ourselves, but we form a deep connection with the food that we create and eat.  At the end of my cooking “practice,” I like to express my gratitude to the tools, recipes, and ingredients that have taken me on a unique culinary journey. So, as my mind is surrendered and at ease and I am ready to enjoy the meal my hands have prepared, I say…

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