Cooking with abandon, and Harriet Van Horne

I came across another great quote that really speaks to the mindset of a good chef:

 “Cooking is like love, it should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” – Harriet Van Horne

Harriet Van Horne was a famous newspaper columnist and film and television critic throughout the mid 1900s. I studied her work as a Journalism major at BU, admiring her passion and unique voice, and was pleased upon hearing that she also liked to cook. The way she describes cooking is like an all-consuming relationship; if you are not willing to devote yourself entirely to the process, you shouldn’t make the commitment at all.

This made me think about my own habits in the kitchen. Though I am always enjoying the cooking process and I go about it very methodically, which has a therapeutic effect, my mind is in a million other places at the same time (probably why my kitchen always ends up looking like a war zone once I’m finished in it). Wouldn’t it be even more beneficial mentally if I were to simply clear my mind before even stepping foot in the kitchen, leaving everything else behind and focusing solely on the ingredients and my methods? In this way, cooking has the potential to become an entirely holistic experience, enriching mind, body, and spirit. No doubt my recipes and my kitchen would be in better shape for it, as well.

Just something to nibble on.



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